About us

About Us

Hi, I’m Barbara. Previously a project manager for a computer consulting company, I became a full-time mother AND “professional volunteer” in 2003. When I’m not spending time with my wonderful family or volunteering, I love helping others trying to be more organized and efficient so they can volunteer too!

Let me be your new friend to help you find inspiration & ideas to staying in this world of volunteerism. The world needs you, so grab a cup of coffee and look around to see if I can help. 

My Volunteer Experiences

What have I done in the volunteer world? Well…I did start small…and then people started asking me to take on bigger roles and I figured what the heck…I’ll try it for a year and see what happens. 🙂

  • NCL VP Communications (4 yrs / 2 chapters)
  • NCL Chapter Founding Board Member
  • Girl Scout Leader
  • HOA President, Treasurer
  • Founded Booster Club for High School School Debate Team
  • Webmaster & Newsletter for multiple organizations
  • Booster Club Treasurer for High School Volleyball Team
  • PTA President, Treasurer
  • Faith Formation (Sunday School) Teacher
  • Recreational Volleyball Coach
  • Room Mom, Copy Mom…etc…for school

Guiding Thoughts

What you put into something is what you get back