10 Great Reasons NCL Grade Level Advisors Should Use Notion

Did you recently agree to be a NCL Grade Level Advisor for your daughter’s class? If so, then now you need to get organized for the upcoming NCL year! Notion is a great tool to use to keep all of the Grade Level Advisor (GLA) information organized.

Notion is basically a collection of blocks that you can organize in any which way you need. You can create task lists, simple tables, and even databases. Millions love Notion because it drives up their productivity and unlocks their creativity. I have been using it for years to keep my personal life organized and NCL VP Communications tasks organized. Click here to get the free Notion app.

Great Reasons for NCL Grade Level Advisors to use Notion

1. NCL Grade Level Advisors are Busy

Who has time to be looking all over the place for emails or files when you just need to get a task completed. With Notion, you can keep all of your NCL Grade Level Advisor information all in one central location. No more searching through the Chapter Tab or the NCL Inc Resources Tab on the website. You can keep all of your class information in Notion and you will have access to it from your phone, iPad or computer.

2. Notion Can Keep Tasks Lists Organized

As a NCL Grade level Advisor you wear many hats. You are a Patroness that leads the class throughout the year to complete the core experience for that grade level. In addition, you have to plan the meetings, keep track of a budget, manage the nominating process and elections.

A master task list will help you keep track of all of the different responsibilities of a Grade Level Advisor. You can view all of your tasks at once or you can filter by the different areas. Just click on the tabs that are located above the Master Grade Level Advisor Task List database. In addition, you can click on the gallery image to really focus on the one area.

3. Free Notion Template to Get Started

Notion is FREE and so is the template that I have created for you! Trust me you won’t regret at least exploring this idea. You will first need to create an account at Notion.so, then you can download my template. If you want to learn a little about Notion before you get started, I would recommend the Thomas Frank Explains YouTube channel.

The NCL Grade Level Advisor template can be found here. This free template has sample tasks for the 6 different areas of responsibility:

  • Ticktocker Class List
  • NCL 6 Year Core Program
  • Budget
  • Ticktocker Meetings
  • Ticktocker Elections
  • Transition

You can easily change these if you chapter has additional or different areas of responsibility for their Grade Level Advisors.

4. Easy Collaboration with Others

While Notion is online, it is a secure place. The only way for someone else to view your information is for you to share it with them. It might be a helpful place to share a page or two with the VP Ticktockers, Assistant Grade Level Advisor or even the Ticktocker class president. Then you can collaborate with others seamlessly without having to search through emails.

Once you have duplicated the template and customized it for your own NCL Chapter, just use the share option to invite collaborators to specific pages. You can give others full access to the page or limit it so they can only view or only make comments. It’s such a great way to collaborate with others!

5. The Class List is Super Helpful

During years as NCL VP Communications, I helped many GLAs create class lists to help with the election process. Unfortunately, it is not easy to get the position history out of the NCL website. However, you could share this page with a Ticktocker in your class. Then they could easy update the info in about an hour. Additionally, they could get league hours for doing it!

6. The Nominating & Election Process is Big

The Nominating and election processes are a big part of the GLA’s responsibility. Having a central place to keep track of everything that needs to be done to make this process go smoothly is key. You could easily setup additional pages within this template to share with the nominating committee. Just make sure you aren’t sharing any sensitive information about the Ticktockers.

7. The NCL Core Experience is 6 Years Long

You may not want to recreate the wheel and have the 6 year experience program in Notion. However, it might be helpful to have it located in the same place as all of your other NCL information. The thought process is to keep track of the Philanthropy, Leadership and Culture focus for each year to help you is planning your meetings and events for each year.

8. Keeping Track of a Budget is Easy

Every year, your Ticktocker class will get a new budget. Notion is an easy way to keep track of your budget and expenses. You can easily add tasks to help you keep track of how you are tracking your expenses during the year.

9. Create Ticktocker Class Meeting Plans

One of the biggest tasks a NCL Grade Level Advisor has is planning meetings. These meetings need to align with the NCL 6 Year Core Experience. Having a place to plan and brainstorm meeting ideas is helpful when trying to create an engaging NCL year for your Ticktockers. Seeing all of the meetings in an overall view will help you not repeat your focus for the meeting.

You can add columns to this to this table to create a Notes, Location, Meeting Date column to help keep track of additional information you want to track. Another thought might consider including a meeting agenda in each page.

Keep in mind this task list is part of a master task list. If you add a column related only to meeting information, you might need to hide that column in the other 5 pages (Class List, Budget, Elections, Core Experience & Transition).

10. Easy Transition to Next NCL Grade Level Advisor

Transition is so important. As you roll off your time as NCL Grade Level Advisor, think how easy it would be if you could just share your Notion database with the incoming GLA. The new GLA could keep you as a collaborator and you could help her get the tasks setup for the new year.

This post is all about NCL Grade Level Advisors using Notion.

You might not really need help, but if someone was willing to help you, would you turn them away? Often in my NCL journey, my daughter’s classes had a Lead GLA and an Assistant GLA, because it’s a big job. I know not everyone wants this type of position, so this can be especially helpful if you are the only GLA for your class.

The whole goal of the Notion template is to help make your NCL experience as a Grade Level Advisor more enjoyable. The more organized you are with this position, the more you can focus on the fun parts of being a GLA. I encourage you to check out the template to see if you think it could help you in your NCL journey. If you not currently using Notion, click here first to download the app.

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